We have established the first Home for children at Chandigarh on June 2004 enrolling 14 kids. This was subsequently followed by another Children’s Home at Pipli, Near Bhuwaneshe, Orissa with 8 kids in it. Many of these children are from broken families and they are provided with shelter, food, clothing, schooling and spiritual nourishment through a family approach.

The Nazareth Children's Homes gives you the unique opportunity to change the future of the poorest of communities in North India . You get the privilege to help children living in poverty through which you can enable them to experience the fullness of life. By sponsoring a child, you can help save a child from a life of poverty.

What will I do by sponsoring a child?

You can tremendously effect the life of a child you choose to sponser. With just about 1$ a day you will bless a child with acces to the very basic resources like:
Drinking Water
Nutritious food
Medical care
And more!

How does it work?

By helping a child you also affect each child's family, their community. This is because Nazareth Children's Homes also uses this opportunity to spread the gospel to the community the child belongs to and also works alongside local community members to find solutions that will change the future for their children.

Why sponsor us?

We are not only looking for opportunities to help the poor but is also constantly looking for the poorest and un-reached areas to create opportunities by helping the poor children in such communities. Our compassionate staffs show God's love to all people as they help build healthy communities for children. Become a child sponsor through us today!